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Guidance and Counseling

612 E. Bethany Drive
Allen, TX 75002
The Allen ISD Counseling Program is built upon the National Model outlined by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). All curriculum and activities reflect these high standardsThe Allen ISD Counseling Program is a comprehensive curriculum, preventive in design and developmental in nature. Curriculum is written to ensure equity and access. The Counseling Curriculum focuses on three areas or DomainsAcademic, Career, and Personal/Social. The purpose of the Program is to impart specific skills, knowledge and attitudes that lead to specific learning outcomes or competencies within these areas.

Elementary Counselors  
Allen ISD Elementary Counselors   
Seated: Autumn Parsons, Sandra Moffett, Mary Jane Barnes, Julie Lindberg, Jan Bower  Back Row: Angie Mirkes, Stacey Thomas, Nicole Oliver, Sarah Gosdin, Jodi Measels, Calli Smith, Julie Northam, Katie Rasmussen, Michele Fesenbek, Susan Guest, Jamie Bramlett, Michelle Gilbert 
MS Counselors

Allen ISD Middle School Counselors
Amy Smith, Heather Youngquist, Roxanne LeCroy, Renae Perez, Debra McEnaney, Kim Petty
LFC Counselors
Lowery Freshman Center Counselors
Cora Jackson, Tracy Mandeville, Trina Brown
AHS Counselors                                                                 
Allen High School Counselors
Seated: Demarius Howard, Donna Marshall, Buffy Ferguson Summers, Jill Clayton, Dustin Tamplen
Back Row: Blanca Garcias, Brenda Boysselle, Karen Foster, Jami Tuttle, Lisa Davis, Donna Brinlee, Jami Manley
AISD Staff
 Phyllis Spain, Executive Director of School Leadership
 Mary Safi, AISD Support Counselor
 Jennifer Atencio, AISD Support Counselor

Allen ISD Counseling Program Mission Statement

The mission of Allen ISD School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, personal/social development of all students. School counselors are professional school advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. In partnership with other educators, parents or guardians and the community, school counselors facilitate the support system to ensure all students in AISD have access to and are prepared with the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society.

Who Are AISD Professional School Counselors?
Professionals with…

* Masters Degree in School Counseling

* Texas Teaching Certificate
* Minimum 3 Years Teaching Experience

Allen ISD School Counseling Programs Teach

Academic Development

* Effective learning in school and across the lifespan

Academic preparation for post-secondary options

Relationship of academics to work, family and community life

 Career Development

Investigate the world of work to make informed decisions

Strategies to achieve future career goals

Relationship to personal qualities, education, training and the world of work

Personal & Social Development

Interpersonal skills to respect self and others

Decision making, setting goals and taking action to achieve goals

* Understanding everyday safety and survival skills