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Special Services Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Allen Independent School District Special Services Program is to promote successful learning for all special education students through effective instructional level interventions, access to the general grade level curriculum and experience with appropriate life and career skills.
Special Services Program Goals
The goals of AISD Special Services Program including instructional staff, assessment specialists, intervention personnel and the administrative team are:
  1. To collaboratively develop effective instructional and behavioral intervention with the General Education staff to  insure academic success for all students.
  2. To provide students with disabilities inclusive Access to the General Curriculum while simultaneiously improving instructional level skills.
  3. To improve efficiency of the special education referral process, thus moving the district toward the state  average of identified Students With Disabilities.
Special Services Department
612 E. Bethany Drive
Allen, TX, 75002
972-727-7192 (fax)  
Montie Parker, Executive Director        
Kim Gorham, Special Services Coordinator
Angela Hernandez, 504 Coordinator
Allison Knight, Special Services Coordinator
Kay LeBlanc-Kobs, Special Services Coordinator
Renee Phillips, Special Services Coordinator
Sandy Simons Lowstetter, Special Services Coordinator