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graduating classAbout Allen ISD
The Allen Independent School District serves the rapidly growing city of Allen, Texas, a suburban community located 23 miles north of Dallas. Student enrollment has more than doubled since 1989, bringing the current number of students to more than 20,780 in grades K-12. Students attend one of 17 elementary schools, three middle schools, one freshman center and one high school.
Enrollment Increases

Allen ISD enrollment has grown steadily since the early 1990s. The district is currently growing at a rate of about four percent. Regardless of enrollment increases, Allen ISD is committed to maintaining acceptable student-to-staff ratios and class sizes through the hiring of additional staff or the distribution of students to "sister" campuses if necessary.

Elementary students enrolling in Allen ISD for the first time may be assigned to a school outside of their attendance area if no space exists in their grade level. 

Last Modified on May 2, 2016