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Listen the YOUR own BEAT!!
                                              You can check the calendar for important assignment dates!!!
                                                                               email me at  kathy_pliler@allenisd.org
Welcome the beginning of an exciting year in 6th grade!!
I have so many new things to share with you to help you achieve and master all the objectives you will have to cover this year.
I am happy to say that we will be doing things a little different this year as you will become responsible for your own learning through new venues.   I have an Edmodo account with a join group number that I will be giving you the first day of school.   You will also have access to your online text book to reference as needed.  My goal is to  make learning fun and engaging as possible for us all.
If you have questions at any time you will be able to ask them in class as well as through email or Edmodo.  I also have a link that you will be able to access the objectives for each unit for the year.  This will also be available to all parents.  That way they can see where we are, where we've been and where we are headed.
I look forward to a very successful year as we grow together as a class, but mostly as a family.