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Dyslexia Programs

612 E. Bethany Drive, Allen, TX 75002
972-236-0613 phone
972-727-0434 fax

Regina Reed - Language Arts Coordinator - Email
Barb Franks - Administrative Assistant - Email

Program Goals

  • Effectively identifying students who exhibit characteristics of dyslexia
  • Providing individualized instruction that meets the specific learning needs of each student in a small group setting
  • Providing intervention that includes:
    • Phonemic awareness
    • Grapho-phonemic knowledge (phonics)
    • Language structure
    • Linguistics
    • Process and strategies for decoding, encoding, word recognition, fluency, and comprehension
  • Providing explicit, direct instruction that is systematic, sequential, and cumulative
  • Providing intensive, highly concentrated instruction that maximizes student engagement and uses specialized methods and materials
  • Providing meaning-based instruction that is directed toward purposeful reading and writing, with an emphasis on comprehension and composition
  • Providing multi-sensory instruction that incorporates the simultaneous use of two or more sensory pathways (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile) during teacher presentations and student practice
  • Providing support for students in the regular classroom by collaborating with the teacher regarding alternative strategies and specific accommodations
  • Providing support to regular classroom teachers who are working with dyslexic students
  • Facilitating parent education and support groups by providing information, parent support, and advocate information