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Welcome to the Evans Computer Lab
Sunday, June 25, 2017
Click on the links in the Tagul above to go each subject/grade level lists of webpages.

 Below are a few of Mrs. Lankford's favorite sites:
*NEW- computer mouse practice websites: 
Move your mouse- Bees and Honey game


Kahoot- student login 

E-learning Science 
E-Learning Math 
E-Learning Computer Skills 
E-Learning ELA  
Tagxedo- word cloud with styles 
Wordle -word cloud 
Scholastics Study Jams - Math and science videos 
Sheppard's Software- Math, science, and geography 

Other links for all grades:

Infuse Learning- Teacher  -Must be open in chrome
Infuse Learning- student login  -Must be open in chrome


Pearson Online - Math


Kim Lankford
Evans Elementary Campus Tech