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Student Nutrition FAQ's

How does the Computerized Cafeteria Account system work?
The system works just like a checking account. Deposits are made to the student’s individual account and purchases are deducted from the balance. 

Each student will use heir 6 digit Student ID to access their account. The student’s name and balance are displayed on the cashier’s screen and the purchases are deducted from the account balance. In middle school, freshman center and high school, students swipe their ID badge at the cashier’s station. The student’s ID picture is displayed on the cashier’s screen and a positive identification is made. Purchases are then deducted from the account balance.

How are deposits made to a student’s account?
There are two ways for parents to deposit funds into a student’s account:
1. The Cafeteria Manager collects deposits in the morning before school starts in the Cafeteria. Deposits are immediately entered into the student’s account.
2. Credit card payments can be made online by registering on

There is a transaction fee charged by PAMS Lunchroom to cover the cost of maintaining the system. (Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the online payment to be posted to the student’s account.)

How do students know their balance?
Students will be notified by the cashier when their balance falls below $4.00 for Elementary and $5.00 for Secondary Schools.  Students can also check their balance by entering their Student ID or scanning their badge at any cash register station.

Is charging allowed?
A student will be allowed a grace period of two days to continue to purchase school meals when the account balance has been exhausted.  Students are not allowed to purchase ala carte items or extra items during the grace period.  An "alternate meal" consisting of vegetables, fruit, grain and milk will be offered when the grace period has ended.  Parents are notified by School Messenger when the account balance is below zero. 

What happens to the money in my child’s account at the end of the school year or if my child transfers to another AISD school?
Money left in an account at the end of the school year will be available for that student’s use in the next school year at any school within the district. A negative balance will also carry forward to the next school year or school.

Why are snack items offered at lunch?
In the past, we surveyed parents concerning snacks and the majority of parents wanted snacks offered to students. We set limits on the number of snacks that can be purchased by different age groups. We also limit the types of items that can be sold. If parents want additional restrictions placed on their child’s purchases, they can contact the Cafeteria Manager and have the student’s account blocked.

Where can I find information concerning school parties?
Please refer to the new Texas Department of Agriculture policies and information at

How can I find out what my child is eating at school?
There are two ways to obtain this information:
1. Register on PAMS Lunchroom. The information will be available on the website.
2. Request a print-out from your Cafeteria Manager.

What is the Allen ISD Student Nutrition Dept. doing to provide nutritious meals to students?
- All plate lunch meals are analyzed and provide 1/3 RDA for calories, protein, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron.
- All plate lunch meals contain less than 30% calories from fat and less than 10% of calories for saturated fat.
- Vegetables are prepared without added fat.
- Fruits served are fresh or canned in light syrup.
- In elementary & middle school, french fries and hushpuppies are the only items that are deep-fat fried.
- To promote increased consumption, students self-serve fruits and vegetables.
- Lowfat 1% white and strawberry milk and skim chocolate milk are offered at all schools. Milk is purchased in new plastic jugs. The milk stays colder and tastes better!
- Brand name entrée items are purchased which are specifically manufactured to appeal to kids yet contain less fat.
- The Student Nutrition Department participates in the Texas Farm to School Program which brings fresh picked Texas produce to schools.

Where can I find nutritional information on specific lunch menu items?
Nutritional information is located for lunch menu items on this web site. There is also a nutrition links page with more information on healthy choices and healthy kids. Student Nutrition Parent Newsletter
Elementary School Parent Newsletter Middle School Parent Newsletter