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Allen ISD 2016-2017 Meal Prices

Breakfast & Lunch consists of five groups which are: meat/meat alternate, grains, fruits, vegetables and milk.

A breakfast reimbursable meal includes at least three choices from the five food groups, one of which must be a half cup of a fruit.
A lunch reimbursable meal consists of three items from the five groups, one of which must be a half cup of a fruit or vegetable.
If minimum requirements for a reimbursable meal are not met, a la carte prices will be charged.


Elementary & Middle School Students: $1.20

Adults & Guests & Siblings: $2.05

Reduced price $0.30 or Free for qualifying students


Elementary & Middle School Students: $2.25 (Middle School menus offers students an option to choose premium selections from the Chicken Line or the Italian Line for an additional charge of $2.50/$3.50)

Adults & Guests & Siblings: $3.55

Reduced price $0.40 or Free for qualifying students

Allen High School Menu Options and Pricing
Lowery Freshman Center Menu Options and Pricing


Smart Snacks in School

Nutritious snacks are sold according to USDA Smart Snacks in School and Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) policies.

All districts that participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs must follow USDA Smart Snacks in School and TDA policies.
All foods sold in schools must meet nutrition standards.

Allen ISD offers a variety of Smart Snack approved snacks. Snacks include Whole Wheat items such as brownies, cookies and chips, as well as yogurt, 100% fruit juice, ice cream and other frozen favorites. Some items shown in the table are only available at Secondary Schools.


$0.30 - $0.35





$1.00 - $2.25

Mini Rice Krispie Squares

Cookies, Goldfish (sm.)

Graham Snacks           

Fruit Chews

Chips, Yogurt, Brownies,


Teddy Grahams

Crisps, Whole Grain Poptarts,  Granola Bars, Pudding, Muffins

Cheese Cubes

Fruit Bars, crackers, ice cream, bottled water, juices, milk




Chex mix, Rice Puffs, Lg. Rice Krispie Treats, S'mores Bites


Ice cream, RIP Frozen Pouch Slushies, Juice

Bottled Water, Flavored Water,

Slushies, variety of juice





Our school district has established the following policy for accepting checks and collecting bad checks: For a check to be an acceptable form of payment it must be printed with the full name, accurate address (no P.O. Box), and also include telephone number and driver's license number with state.  When paying by check, you authorize the recovery of unpaid checks and the recovery of the state allowed fee by means of electronic re-presentment.

For assistance please contact Paytek at 866-399-4101.