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School District Administrative Regulation

CO (Local)

A student will be allowed a grace period of two days to continue to purchase school meals when the account balance has been exhausted.  The student will not be allowed to purchase ala  carte items or extra items during the grace period.  When the grace period has ended, the student will be served an alternate meal.




¨ The information about the charging policy will be posted on the Student Nutrition page of the Allen ISD website.

¨ Parents will receive a notice from School Messenger every day that the student’s account is exhausted.

¨ Parents can check the student’s account balance on PayPams at no charge.

¨ Parents can set up automatic payments with PayPams.



¨ The Cafeteria Manager will determine which students would not be able to charge a meal on that day. 

¨ She will make arrangements for the student to be notified and explain the alternate (courtesy) meal procedure.

¨ Suggested ways to inform students include speaking to the student, notifying the teacher, or sending a note to the classroom for the student.

¨ As the student enters the cafeteria for mealtime, both the Cafeteria Manager and staff will assist the student with obtaining the alternate (courtesy) meal.