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Member BenefitsAECPTA logo
The greatest benefit of being a member of AECPTA is access to all of our wonderful events and activities. We strive to provide year round events that appeal to all members of the family and offer a variety of experiences.
We offer fun parties for the whole family! Members gather together in the spring, summer, fall, and winter to socialize as families and have a great time.
Cooking Club
Join us each month for good food, great friends, and lively conversation. Different themes and recipe exchanges are held each month. We also offer occasional cooking “classes” where members teach one another fun skills like how to make pho or decorate beautiful sugar cookies.
Moms' Night Out & Moms' Night In
moms' night out We get together monthly to let our hair down, talk with other adults, and enjoy some well-deserved time to ourselves. Sometimes we meet at a local restaurant and other times we’ll get together at a member’s house just to chat or work on crafts.
Dads' Night Out
We take care of our dads, too! Bowling, video game, movie nights, and more are put on the calendar to give the dads a chance to hang out.
Babysitting Co-op
The Babysitting Co-op is a way to trade child-care hours with other AECPTA moms. The co-op is based on a point system, meaning it’s free! We offer opportunities to meet other AECPTA co-op members in each other’s homes through playdates. You decide who to ask or when to accept babysitting hours. The co-op has been great for members who don’t live near family or haven’t found a babysitter yet. 
Book Club
Come join us for some stimulating discussion and adult social time. The book club meets monthly and everyone is welcome (book completed or not). Members vote on books a few times times a year and select across several genres. 
Sunshine Committee
The Sunshine Committee helps add a bit of "sunshine" at times when members need it most. We provide meals and support when members have just had a baby or are going through a tough time.
Parent Education
At each of our monthly membership meetings, held through the school year, AECPTA invites a speaker to come and give an educational presentation to our members. Past topics have included sibling rivalry, stress management, sensory play, organizational tips, pediatric dental health, and brain development. community
Online Community
We have a private, members only Facebook group where we gather to chat, pass along information, schedule impromptu playdates, and get advice and recommendations on a variety of topics. We also have private Book Club and Cooking Club pages that are open to our members.
Alumni Group
Membership in AECPTA extends through 5 years of age for your youngest child. Some of our members stay in our group through the year their child goes to kindergarten and many also/only join the PTA at the elementary school level. Either way, after your child “ages out” of AECPTA we offer an Alumni group through so you can continue on with the friendships you’ve gained with us. AECPTA also has some joint events with our alumni group.
We offer several free playgroups to promote friendships for you and your children. Playgroups are open to all members and are held on specific days of the week (Monday playgroup, Thursday playgroup, etc) and run throughout the entire year. Playgroups are a great way to bond with a small group of parents. Our children benefit from the social interactions and parents benefit from the adult conversation. Groups meet in homes, parks, and playgrounds.
Field Trips
The AECPTA plans monthly field trips. Whether it’s attending gymnastics open gym, having lunch with friends, visiting a fire station, or participating in community activities, you will love getting together with your PTA friends! Experience what Collin County and surrounding areas have to offer! Many of our field trips are free. At least once a year we plan a subsidized field trip to the zoo, arboretum, museum, etc. You choose which field trips you and your children would like to participate in and make friends along the way.
Craft Circle
We offer monthly craft get togethers that cover a variety of themes. These are always a hit with the kids.
Dads-N-Kids Activities
AECPTA knows how important it is to develop that special bond between dads and their children. So many studies have shown that a male role model in a child’s life provides a positive benefit all the way up to and through adulthood. calendar Outings each month are scheduled just for dads and their children to have some fun.
Comprehensive Calendar
In addition to the activities listed on this page, AECPTA also adds community events to our calendar, so you can find events offered through the library, the city, and local businesses all in one convenient place!
Community Service Projects
The AECPTA supports several local charities and organizations that directly assist our community. We take great pride in making a difference in our community and neighborhoods. Events are planned to teach our children the importance of community and “giving of oneself”. They even get to have some fun in the process!
Below is a copy of the calendar from a previous month. This will give you an idea of the variety and frequency of events we offer.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.
Last Modified on March 31, 2017