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Student Citrix Remote Access Quick Start Guide:


These instructions assume you are using Windows operating system and Internet Explorer as your browser.

1.    Log onto the computer with a user that has administrative rights to the computer.
2.    Open Internet Explorer.
3.    Go to the website
4.    Click the “Click here to obtain the client software” link.
5.    Click the Download button.
6.    In the File Download Security box, click “Run”
7.    In the Internet Explorer Security box, click “Run”
8.    Select English or another language for the setup instructions.
9.    A “Citrix Presentation Sever Client – Web Only Setup” window will open, click the Next button
10.   Accept to the license agreement
11. On the Ready to Install screen, click the Next button
12. If there were no problems with the installation, you will see a message indicating the installation was successful. Click the Finish button.
13. Close Internet Explorer and re-open it
14. Use your network user name and password to login
15. Click on the icon labeled SR Secondary desktop

16. A “TIP: Exiting Full Screen Mode” warning may appear. If it does, read the warning then select the “Do not show this dialog box again” option, then click the OK button. 

17. To end the session, click on the Start button, then Logoff.

18.  If you have problems with the install, please refer to the complete installation and troubleshooting instructions on the website.