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James & Margie Marion Elementary School
1595 Stablerun Drive
Allen, TX 75002
Phone:  214-495-6784
Fax:  214-495-6787
Brooke Cherry
Assistant Principal:
Alisa Allen
Julie Northam
School Colors:  Red and Blue
School Mascot:  Mavericks
I am a Marion Maverick
I will be a success
I will do great things
I will make a difference
Our Namesakes: James & Margie Marion
Marion Elementary opened it's doors in 2003, in honor of James and Margie Marion as the namesakes for Allen’s eleventh elementary school.
James Marion began his career in Allen in 1966 as a science teacher and coach. He later served Allen ISD as both an elementary and middle school principal. He retired as principal of Rountree Elementary School in 1991. 
Margie Marion , an Allen native, began teaching here in 1964 as an English and business teacher. She became the district’s first fulltime librarian – a position she held until her retirement in 1990.  We are proud of the legacy the Marions have left in Allen and are honored to serve the community at Marion Elementary!

James and Margies Marion's work, moral standards and ethics, their personal nature, and rapport with people, made them an ideal example of how to dedicate one’s life to a community and it's youth.


Last Modified on January 3, 2017