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  • D.L. Rountree Elementary

    800 E. Main St., Allen, Texas 75002  

    Phone: 972-727-0550   Fax: 972-727-0555

    Principal: Melissa Pursifull

    Assistant Principal: Justin Spies

    Dean of Students: Susan Demarest

  • Rountree Vision

    "Where everybody is somebody!"

    Rountree Mission

    Rountree Elementary cultivates a family of learners where every individual is encouraged and empowered to become his or her best. 

    Rountree Creed

    We are Rountree Roadrunners!

    We are prepared.

    We are respectful.

    We have integrity.

    We are determined.

    We encourage others.

    We show Roadrunner PRIDE !

Last Modified on September 23, 2016