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The PTA has decided to avoid any product based fundraisers.  Instead of selling cookie dough, passbooks, Sally Foster, etc. we are scaling things back to make it easier for parents to manage into their daily lives. 


Our fundraising strategy is driven by the basic assumption that less is more.  We do not want to constantly bombard you with requests for money. Our goal is to have fundraisers that make your life easier, not harder while earning some money for Rountree.  If you need a quick dinner anyway and there happens to be a Rountree night out somewhere, please think about eating there.  But we do not want to be forcing something on you that doesn’t work for your family. If you shop online anyway, please do it through the Box Tops Marketplace, you’ll earn money for Rountree while you shop.  Are you a frequent patron at Kroger, then please link your Kroger card to Rountree  PTA.  These and other opportunities to earn money for your school are explained in more detail below.  There are three basic types of fundraising that the Rountree  Elementary PTA will do this year:



Community-based Fundraisers

No cost to parents, the funding is coming from community businesses and partners - such as the grocery programs, restaurant programs, Directory advertising and Box Tops for Education

Box Tops

Grocery Partners

Rountree Nights out

Educational Fundraisers

The Fall & Spring Book Fairs provide your students a great selection of books at very reasonable prices, and they encourage our children to read 

Event Fundraiser

The annual Spring Carnival and Fall Festival are events you don't want to miss -  and it is a great time to get together to mingle with your neighborhood friends. New this year World Culture Night and Variety Show.


As you will see throughout the year the PTA’s fundraising efforts go a long way to add to the excellent education that are children receive at Rountree Elementary.  Many of the things that the PTA has been so fortunate to help support in the past are Accelerated Reader program, musical programs, scholarships for field trips, speakers for our parents, programs for our students and much much more.  Thank you for all of your support! If you have any questions regarding any of our fundraising programs, please contact Danielle Stanley @