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  • Any 7th or 8th grader interested in UIL Ready Writing, please see Mrs. Fowler in room B111, on Tuesday, January 17, at 3:30 for a 10 minute informational meeting.

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  • All 7th grade and 8th grade students interested in participating in the academic UIL please listen carefully for the UIL events and their coaches:

    For Impromptu Speaking contact Mrs. Suresh in H112

    For Calcualtor contact Ms. Dimoulakis in room A113

    For Spelling contact Ms. Suresh in room H112

    For Ready Writing contact Mrs. Fowler in room B111

    For Listening contact Mrs. Cunningham in room K124

    For Maps, charts & graphs contact Ms. Bass in room K101

    For General Math contact Ms. Benjamin in room K128

    For Dictionary Skills contact Mrs. Hawkins in the Library

    For Number Sense contact Mrs. Burwitz in room A105

    For Social Studies contact Mr. Key in room B103

    For Editorial Writing contact Mr. Stolp in room A103

    For Science contact Ms. Abdelkarim in room K103

    For Chess Puzzle contact Ms. Surech in room H112

    And for Oral Reading contact Ms. Hilbrand in room C109


    UIL this year is at Ford Middle School on Saturday, March 25th. 

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  • DOLLS meets on Thursdays from 3:40 to 4:30 in A104, Mrs. Schiel's room.

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  • Students a message from your cafeteria staff...

    Please do not try and add lunch money to your account during lunch times. You must turn in any lunch money in the morning before 10:15 a.m. There are 2 locations to do this, one is in the cafeteria and one is in the office. The cafeteria is also not able to make change.

    Thank You!

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  • When putting cash in the drop boxes, please make sure your First and Last names are on the envelope as well as your ID number. Please write everything clearly so we can read it. Also, before you deposit a check, please make sure that your ID number is on the check, your parents driver's license number, the one who wrote the check, and a phone number.

    Remember, you must turn your money into one of the cylinders in the cafeteria or the office before 10:00 in order for it to be in your account by lunch!

    Thank you, Your Cafeteria Staff.

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  • Students, as a reminder please do NOT open the doors to people trying to come into the building.

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  • Students this reminder is from Mrs. Pitcock: No food or drinks are allowed to be taken out of the cafeteria in the morning or after lunch. The only thing you can take out is water bottles with clear water in them. Please make sure you are eating your food in the cafeteria and throwing whatever is left over away before you leave. Thanks!

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  • This announcement is from Mrs. Merl: 
    Students please remember that we do not deliver items to the gym.
    If you are expecting something for 1st period, you need to come by the front desk to get it. If you do not pick it up 1st period, you will get a pink slip during 2nd period to come get it.
    All sports and other after school related drop-offs for teams or clubs can be picked up before or after 7th period.
    Food deliveries for after school activities can be picked up the before 7th period or at the end of 7th period.
    So, if you are expecting something for gym it is your responsibility to pick it up from Mrs. Merl at the front desk.
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  • The cafeteria will serve breakfast from 8:00 to 8:20. Students will have 20 minutes to purchase breakfast each morning. 
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  • The Cafeteria Sweet Shop will close each day five minutes before the bell. 
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  • The late bus is available Monday - Thursday at 4:30 for students that are required to stay after school for tutoring or detention. It is not provided for students staying for clubs, athletics, or tryouts.
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