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Proposed Attendance Zone Plan Announced

A plan for adjusting attendance boundaries to accommodate the opening of Elementary School #18 was presented to the Board on October 24. The plan also took into consideration boundary adjustments to balance campus enrollments at our district schools.

The proposed changes were created within parameters set by the Board of Trustees in September. These parameters included: 1) AISD will continue to use the feeder school philosophy by designating specific elementary campuses to assigned middle schools. 2) AISD staff will use the most recent enrollment projection data from the annual demographic report. 3)  The boundary change should optimize school facility usage to accommodate growth patterns throughout the District. 4) A campus capacity should not include portable classroom space that is considered temporary. 5) Programs for special population groups should be considered in relation to capacity issues. 6) Fiscal impact on staffing, transportation and building capacity must be considered. 7) AISD believes demographic diversity enriches our community and the district should embrace this philosophy in its analysis of feeder school scenarios. 8) Safety of AISD students must be considered.

A majority of students affected by the proposed changes attend Lindsey Elementary School and live south of Highway 121 in the Star Creek, Shaddock Park and Saddleridge communities. These students would attend the new Elementary #18 in August 2017 under the plan. The only changes to the middle school boundaries affect 9 students in the Twin Creeks Crossing Apartments.  The proposed plan and the entire Board presentation is posted online on the Board of Trustees web pages.

For the next month the Board will accept public input online  and also at two public meetings.  Those meetings are scheduled for November 3 and November 10 at the Allen ISD Service Center starting at 7 p.m.  The Board will discuss the plan on November 28 and make a final decision on the 2017-2018 attendance boundaries in December or January.